When a pet needs specialized care, we're honored to be brought onto the team.

Referral Information


We understand the trusted relationship our referring veterinarians have with their clients. Whether you are referring a patient for diagnostics, a second opinion or a specialized procedure, we provide the highest level of professional service and treat your clients with compassion and respect. Our specialists are skilled at performing a range of advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures, and will work closely with you throughout the process to provide the best course of treatment for each patient. We will provide you with a medical report following any visits, tests or procedures, and will consult with you regarding appropriate follow-up care.

To refer a client to our practice, please complete our convenient online referral form. You may also print out a PDF version of this form and fax it to an office. If you would like to consult with a specialist by phone, please call one of our practices.


P 540.372.3470
F 540.736.0319

1301 Central Park Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22401


P 804.353.9000
F 804.353.9271

3312 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221

Referring an Emergency or Critical Care case?

These are the steps to take to ensure the smooth transition of a client being transitioned to our hospital:

  • Call! The most important step – there is ALWAYS someone here to answer the phone. Please call ahead to speak with our Emergency DVMs or LVTs and help answer any questions that they may have.
  • Prep owners for what they should expect from their visit with us. A doctor or technician will happily give you an estimate during the phone call if you are considering transferring a patient. We hate to have to send unprepared owners away when they are sticker-shocked by the cost of treatment and hospitalization.
  • Transmit records. We can receive records via fax or email. It is essential that we know when to start or give next dosages of medications and that we have an accurate timeline of the patient’s stay at your facility.
  • Label well. We know that many of the cases transferred to us may have some financial concerns, and clearly labelling any drugs, medications, or fluids with their respective contents or concentrations will prevent our staff from having to toss any items where the composition or integrity is called in to question.


Continuing Education


At the Virginia Veterinary Centers we place a high value on continuing education to provide the latest advances in medicine and technology to our patients.

Virginia Veterinary Centers RVA Veterinary Conference

Virginia Veterinary Centers invites you to join us Sunday, March 25, 2018 at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens for the RVA Veterinary Conference. We will be featuring a full day of multi-disciplinary RACE approved CE for veterinarians and LVT's. Tracks include practical and informative information on Critical Care, Emergency, Neurology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Dermatology, and Dentistry. To R.S.V.P. contact Michael Scearce at 804-353-9000 or click our link to register online.

8:15am - Registration & Breakfast

DVM Track:
9am - CPR: Amanda Witsil, DVM, DACVECC
10am - Yeast Dermatitis and Seborrhea: Lynn Schmeitzel, DVM, DACVD
11am - Are You Missing Patients with Reduced Renal Function? How Do We Get Better at Identifying These Patients: Dr. Sherri Rigby, DVM, PhD, DACT (Idexx)
1pm - Oral Pathology: Sam Babbitt, DVM
2pm - What's All the Fuss About MRI?: A Review of Spinal Imaging in Small Animals, Jeff Clarke, DVM, DACVIM
3pm - Urinary Tract Infections and Canine Asymptomatic Bacteriuria: Stephanie Kemp, DVM, MS, DACVIM

LVT Track:
9am - GDV from Triage to Discharge: Megan Allred, ER Clinician
10am - Management of Surgical GI Patients: Andrew Mercurio, DVM, MS, DACVS
11am- Recognition of Shock: Wendy Watts, ER Clinician
1pm - Transfusions: Amanda Witsil, DVM, DACVECC
2pm - Allergy Testing: Lynn Schmeitzel, DVM, DACVD
3pm- Common Conditions of Brachycephalic Dogs: Sam Babbitt, DVM

3rd Track (DVM & LVT):
9am - Honey & Sugar for Wounds, Sweet!: Kritsty Broaddus, DVM, DACVS
10am - Canine Rehabilitation: No Longer Just for Orthopedics...Wait, What?: Smantha Blake, LVT, CCRP
11am - Surgical & Medical Perspective of Challenging Tumors: Monika Jankowski, DVM, DACVIM

*RACE approved CE.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for our LVT Track is currently full, accepting registration for DVM track only.




We will always work to provide your pet with any care necessary to diagnose and resolve his or her medical problems. And if the situation falls outside our range of expertise, we’ll refer you to the right specialist in our network of professionals. Your pet’s health is our priority.

Our staff strives to call you with a report after any procedures. We will forward lab results to you, and consult with you on your pet’s prognosis and follow-up plan. Open communication with you and your primary vet is how we ensure a seamless continuum of care.



We’re proud to work closely with our partner veterinarians to provide pets with the best possible care. If you need information or materials from our office, please fill out this simple form to make your request.