New Look, New Name, Same Trusted Local Experts

August 18, 2017

New Look, New Name, Same Trusted Local Experts

We are very excited to announce that our three hospitals, Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Centers (VESC) in Richmond and Midlothian and Central Animal Referral and Emergency Hospital (CAREH) in Fredericksburg, will now operate under the new name: Virginia Veterinary Centers!

This is much more than just a name change; your trusted local experts have joined Compassion-First Pet Hospitals, a family of pet hospitals that is revolutionizing how veterinary practices connect with each other. Compassion-First specialty and emergency hospitals invest in new technologies and training, ensuring patients always benefit from the latest scientific developments. And a strong culture of collaboration means that medical knowledge is shared across the network. When veterinarians consult with each other over distances and disciplines, your furry family member gets the best care available.

So why now? As you know, last year we gained the resources of Compassion-First Pet Hospitals. While refreshing each of the hospital brands, it dawned on us that we were making everyone work very hard to differentiate each hospital. The reality is, we are a family and we always have been. We rely on each other daily to ensure our patients have access to the latest technology and medical care possible. So, it was time to finally unify under one name.

We can assure you that only our look and name have changed; our medical teams and excellent emergency and specialty services remain the same. We are committed to building on our collective legacies of passion for animal health and look forward to continuing to care for your patients.

Pets are so much more than animals. They are members of the family, and they are dependent on their people to make good choices regarding their health. When you entrust us with your pets, we consider that responsibility a great honor. Our medical teams look forward to offering you and your furry family members more advanced emergency and specialties than ever before.